Sidewalk Incentives

It is the responsibility of the abutting property owner to repair, replace or reconstruct all broken or defective sidewalks and to maintain in a safe and hazard-free condition any sidewalk outside the lot and property lines and inside the curb lines or traveled portion of the public street.

To assist residents with the cost of repairing, replacing, or reconstructing sidewalks, the City Council has adopted a sidewalk incentive program.  The city will rebate to residents 50% or up to $2.00 per square foot of the cost to tear out and replace, repair, or reconstruct sidewalks that qualify as a defective sidewalk as described in the Conrad City Code of Ordinances.

Prior to tearing out your old sidewalk, be sure and click on the icon below to download a sidewalk rebate application.  Fill out the application, and bring it to City Hall to see if you qualify for the rebate.